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Counselling, Psychotherapy and Behaviour Support

PDF partner with a number of organisations to develop programmes to support individuals and organisations developing their work in these fields. 

Behaviour Support - Our programme in Behaviour support is a version of our Organisational Development scheme. We have supported many schools to develop programmes of behaviour support and run a series of workshops over time to help them to develop strategies of support. 

The programme can lead to academic and or professional awards and these are negotiated as part of the development of the learning plan. It starts with an analysis of needs and the creation of an organisational learning plan. A structure is put in place to support the delivery of the plan. As this is a bespoke programme a learning conversation is the staring point for the relationship with PDF. We will advise on the best route forward, which includes introducing you to other organisations where they are best fitted to meet your needs. 

Similar schemes exist to support internal development programmes for organisations in the area of counselling and mentor development. We have more than thirty years experience in developing these schemes. 

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