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Work-based Learning Introduction

Work-based learning allows you to undertake a course of study and obtain a higher education degree based on your day-to-day work or part of your professional activities.

The curriculum is set by you and your organisation so that you achieve real professional development and impact in terms of organisational improvements and leadership.

PDF.Net structures work-based learning within the framework of a Masters Degree (or other awards) in Professional Development, accredited by our university partners and a number of professional bodies. This enables our candidates to study for a range of qualifications including Post-graduate Certificate and Diploma, within a very broad range of specialisms.

To identify how this would work for you or your organisation, please contact Carole Ferro, who can arrange an appointment with a member of our senior faculty to discuss it further.

We'll try to explain how it works in practice and how it adds value to you as a professional.

For further information on Work-based Learning please download the PDF