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Applied Trauma Psychology

We can offer an excellent worthwhile qualification
in Trauma Support Studies

Practitioners from different professional backgrounds have built a body of knowledge and experience in dealing with crises, trauma and disasters but have few opportunities to bring their learning together in a way that gains recognition for their practice and skills.

At last there is a programme of learning which will provide you with an opportunity to:

You can decide on the level of study and qualification you wish to pursue, ranging from an award of Continuing Professional Development, Institute Leadership and Management Award, Post Graduate Certificate or a Masters Degree.

Candidates are offered are a wide range of areas in which to specialise each backed up by a solid education on the development and application of psychological theories together with the essential scientist/practitioner skills and methods.

Using your existing knowledge, skills and qualifications you can contribute to the developing field of Trauma Support Studies by undertaking studies which will give you the background and support you need to undertake meaningful research in your place of work.

The Trauma Support Studies programme prepares you to pursue exciting opportunities to enable you to develop your practice in delivering Trauma Support Services.

For further information please contact: carole.morley@pdf.network