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Relational Leadership

In the fast-moving world of mammoth flows of information, continuous innovation, and steadily increasing demands for coordinated action, a new form of leading is essential. We call this “relational leading,” and offer to leaders at all levels of organisational life the opportunity to master essential concepts, participate in a range of useful practices, sharpen sensitivities, and build creative potentials. Participation in the two-year programme will lead to a Masters degree.

This programme is offered in collaboration with the Taos Institute (, a non-profit educational organization that brings cutting edge theory on relational process together with organizational practices. Theory and practice centre on such processes as dialogue, meaning making, team building, organizational integration, innovation, and conflict reduction. With over 300 Associates in 27 countries, the PDF and Taos Institute together provide access to seasoned educators and skilled leaders from across the world.

Here is a programme of learning that will:

This distance-learning programme emphasizes dialogic and experiential learning and innovative inquiry. Small cohort group learning addresses the needs and develops the skills of each participant.

A Masters in Relational Leading furnishes both the conceptual and practical resources for engaging effectively with today’s challenges, and building creatively for the future.

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