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Coaching and Coaching Psychology

The Coaching Psychology Faculty represents an international partnership between leading coaches in Europe, South and North America, Southern Africa, and Asia Pacific. We support each other to run local development programmes in coaching for those who have existing training and experience in the field and who now wish to revisit and redefine their approach. 

The local programmes (listed on the left) provide a variety of routes to enhance the skills of coaches, managers of coaching and coaching supervisors.

In addition we provide two international programmes:

1. A Masters to upscale trained coaches who will be able to show by the end of the programme 250 hours coaching. They will take part in on-line and locally supported work, working with international faculty to learn new approaches, build their model of practice and develop a research project of value to their clients. This can be taken as a one year programme or completed over two years. It leads to a MA Professional Development (Coaching or Executive Coaching)  or MSc Professional Development (Coaching Psychology).

2. An International Coach Masters programme over two years for coaches with at least 2,500 hours coaching. This will be a programme aimed at top coaches to work with other top coaches round the world to challenge and extend their approach. It will have a strong element of being able to make a significant impact in the world of coaching. It will be focussed on working at highest levels with complexity and change. The options to participate can include a MA or MSc Professional Development (International Coach Masters) This programme is available by invitation only and expressions of interest are welcome. 

There is also the possibility that coaches in the field can work within our programme in International Strategic Leadership or Relational Leadership along side this. A structured Doctorate route is also available.