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Culture, Adaptive Leadership & Transcultural Competence

The Master’s degree in Professional Development: Culturally Adaptive Leadership is designed to develop the perspectives and skills needed for leading in today’s global business and social environment. 

The MSc programme involves the understanding and application of transcultural competency, organisational culture, adaptive leadership, and culture change in local and global communities. Professionals completing the programme will be better prepared to operate in the diverse and complex world of organisations and communities. 

The focus is on concepts and methods for enhancing culturally adaptive leadership to deal with professional situations in business, education, healthcare, community and international development, military, social work, the social sciences and psychology. Anyone who deals with culture will benefit from this programme. 

There is also a one-semester Culture and Adaptive Leadership certificate available. This uniquely online Master degree is run in conjunction with the Professional Development Foundation and is awarded and quality assured by professional and University partners.