Organisational Development

In an increasingly complex, interdependent, and culturally diverse world, we cannot hope to understand and work with people from different occupational, professional, and national cultures if we do not know how to ask questions and build relationships. 
Edgar Schein

We operate in specialist areas of OD practice to help organisations build their relationships. We draw on our network of consultants and academics to help organisations operating in high stress environments and complex relationship structures. We develop approaches to facilitate dealing with the uncertainly and volatility that they face. We have particular interests in collaborative approaches to learning in organisations. We undertake OD projects with clients to look at enhancing learning in organisations, change initiatives, and projects in creativity and innovation. Our approach is highly collaborative and focusses on building upon the existing expertise within the organisation. 

In order to deal with the increased complexity organisations face, approaches that move beyond the traditional consulting approach of analysing and fixing problems has emerged. It is recognised that organisations are involved in more complex relationships, their members are diverse and each bring well intended, thoughtful but particular perspectives on the needs of the organisation. Approaches to address the types of decision making process necessary in such groups have increasingly looked to collaborative practices. These focus on the members of the organisation and what they and it  does well. Progression is built through members in conversation exploring those attributes and designing their own desired future. This type of approach has been used for strategic planning, culture change, team building, leadership development, community building, conflict management and many other opportunities where a strong future is envisioned.    

We work to support such collaborative  practices in organisational development.

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